Darwinism Under the Microscope

Darwinism Under the Microscope

BRACE YOURSELF FOR A SCIENTIFIC EARTHQUAKE! Strange tremors are now coming from science labs. As researchers uncover new levels of astonishing complexity within the cell, they suddenly face a shocking conclusion: Darwin was wrong. This sophisticated complexity could not arise by chance; it must have been designed. Darwinism Under the Microscope probes the exciting “Darwinism vs. Design” debate that is making headlines. It lays a scientific foundation for “divine design” and equips the reader to discuss the topic intelligently…even with professors!

One of the book’s contributing authors, biologist Michael Behe, has done revolutionary work on the cell’s tiny molecular machines. His “evidence of design” in Darwin’s Black Box triggered an ever expanding global controversy. Using Darwin’s own pass-fail test, Behe concludes: DARWIN’S THEORY HAS ABSOLUTELY BROKEN DOWN.”

Darwinism Under the Microscope explains this “breakdown” and provides the knowledge and skill to share this breaking news with the next generation.

“A spectacular God will give rise to a spectacular creation!” – Richard Swenson, M.D., Author of More Than Meets the Eye


JAMES P. GILLS, M.D., is the founder and director of St. Luke Cataract and Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida. A world-renowned ophthalmologist, he is also an ultra distance athlete who has authored fourteen books dealing with Christian principles as well as physical fitness.

THOMAS WOODWARD, Ph.D. graduated from Princeton University and Dallas Theological Seminary and received his Ph.D. in Communication, specializing in the Rhetoric of Science, from the University of South Florida. He teachers at Trinity College in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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