Doubts About Darwin

Doubts About Darwin

Christianity Today 2004 Book of the Year - Christianity & Culture category

Doubts About Darwin

Thomas Woodward

Deep in the halls of scientific academia, a debate has been quietly raging between Darwinian macroevolution and the theory of intelligent design. This challenge to scientific naturalism has life-changing effects on the fundamental cultural story of humanity; it asks what it means to be human and questions whether or not we have a purpose and a destiny.

Beginning with Michael Denton's revolutionary book, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, author Thomas Woodward follows the key players and confrontations that are creating a paradigm shift in both the scientific and public arenas. He shows that the erosion of certainty about the factual truth of Darwinism is the product of a rhetorical onslaught-the persuasive case-making by highly accredited critics like Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, and William Dembski.

Accessible and compelling, Doubts about Darwin opens a dramatic door to moral and intellectual reformation.

Author Information

Thomas Woodward (Ph.D., University of South Florida) is a professor at Trinity College of Florida, where he teaches the history of science, communication, and systematic theology. He is founder and director of the C. S. Lewis Society and lectures in universities on scientific, apologetic, and religious topics. He is an avid astronomer and has been published in Moody magazine and Christianity Today.


"To understand the public battle over evolution, you must read this book." -- Michael J. Behe, Department of Biology, Lehigh University

"Tom Woodward distinguishes himself as a valuable resource for understanding the development of the Intelligent Design movement. He combines the scholar's tools with a knack for narrative that results in a fascinating account of what could be the most important science drama of our times." --Ravi Zacharias, international speaker, author

"Doubts About Darwin is a delightful chronicle of the ways a small group of doubters are reshaping the debate and bringing out the inadequacies of natural selection to the general public. Doubters and believers alike ought to read Doubts About Darwin. It has much to teach them." -- Murray Eden, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at M.I.T.

"Know anyone who's curious about the Intelligent Design controversy? What's the fuss about? Who are the key players? What are they saying and why? Doubts About Darwin is not only the best available guide to the ID movement's brief but eventful history; it's probably also the best available primer on the issues and arguments at stake in the debate." -- Duane Litfin, President,
Wheaton College

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