The Privileged Planet DVD

The Privileged Planet DVD

There is an opinion, common among scientists and intellectuals, that our Earthly existence is not only rather ordinary, but in fact, insignificant and purposeless. The late astronomer Carl Sagan typifies this view in his book "Pale Blue Dot":

But perhaps this melancholy assumption, despite its heroic pretense, is mistaken. Perhaps the unprecedented scientific knowledge acquired in the last century, enabled by equally unprecedented technological achievements, should, when properly interpreted, contribute to a deeper appreciation of our place in the cosmos.

The Privileged Planet, the exciting follow-up to Unlocking the Mystery of Life, shows that Earth is far more than a "pale blue dot" and presents the idea that the Earth is not only fine-tuned for life, it's also fine-tuned for observing the rest of the universe.

Through stunning computer animation and interviews with leading scientists, and spectacular images of Earth and the cosmos, The Privileged Planet explores the startling connection between our capacity to survive and our ability to observe and understand the universe.

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